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展会日期 2019-05-23 至 2019-05-24
展出城市 常州
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2019 (1st) Summit Forum on Application Solution of New Material and Process for Car Body

5月23-24日? 江苏?常州?? May 23rd -24th? Changzhou, Jiangsu

多材料 轻量化 高安全 低成本化

Multi-material? Lightweight? High-safety? Low-cost

?? 报名表 2019(首届)车身新材料新工艺应用解决方案高峰论坛.doc

一、会议背景/ Background




Car body is the most important part of the car, which can effectively protect the safety of drivers and passengers and create a safe and comfortable driving space. The application and development of new materials and new processes, as well as the best solution for the coupling of materials and structures, is an effective way to achieve lightweight, high-safety and meet customer requirements for NVH, handling and comfort performance. In addition, the competition in automotive industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Under the premise of ensuring the safety, reliability and durability of the car, the cost optimization, generalization, platform design, and low-cost material application will usher in new development opportunities.

2019 will be a very important year for OEMs, material and auto-part suppliers. OEMs face tremendous pressure to reduce costs, improve quality and increase efficiency. Automotive material and auto-part suppliers are also facing the challenge of expanding varieties, reducing costs and improving service quality. Therefore, how to deal with Highly intelligent, optimally lightweight, and best cost performance for Automobile is the key issue which will promoting the cooperation between supply and demand sides of automotive chain.

In order to accurately grasp the application trend of new materials and technologies for car body parts at home and abroad, to promote cooperation and exchange in the industrial chain, China Automaterial Website?,China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,? and CITIC Microalloying Technology Center will hold the “2019 (1st) Summit Forum on Application Solution of New Material and Process for Car Body” in May 23rd -24th, Changzhou, Jiangsu. The forum aims to promote the innovative application of new materials and new process solutions for body system related parts. This forum is one of the series of special conferences on "New Materials and New Process Solutions for Automotive Systems" organized by China Automaterial Website. Experts will be invited, from the domestic and foreign OEMs, body parts companies, body-related materials and process companies, research institutes, and related experts in the field of design, materials and technology. The topics of the body system platform development, body lightweight, body safety Discussions on performance development, anti-corrosion performance development, design and selection of materials, new materials, new process solutions and case studies will discuss the development of body development and application of new materials and new processes. Establish an international communication platform for technical exchange and business communication for the industrial chain developed by automotive body system engineering.

二、会议组织/ Organization

Guide units: Materials Committee of SAE-China,China Auto Lightweight Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance


Sponsor:China Automaterial Website,? China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co.,Ltd., CITIC Microalloying Technology Center,


Organizer:China Automaterial Website,Automobile lightweight online


Support Unit:CAAI, DORCEN,? QIANTU, CHJ Automotive, JAC, Brilliance Auto, ShouGang Group, China BAOWU Steel Group, HeFei University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Support Media:www.asianev.com

三、会议时间地点/ Time&Place

会议时间/Time:5月23-24日 May 23rd -24th

会议地点/Place:江苏·常州 Changzhou, Jiangsu

  四、参会对象/ Participants


??Engineers and technicians who are body design, CAE simulation, lightweight, performance development, materials, process planning, quality and procurement;


??Technical manager, product engineer, and sales engineer for Material Connection Technologies;


??Technical and market personnel in automotive steel, aluminum/magnesium alloys, plastic composites, carbon fiber, joining and coating process equipment;


??Heads of universities and research institutes, engineering and technical personnel, graduate students, who are engaged in body design, engineering services, simulation, material testing, automotive materials and process application research;


??Government leaders or experts in industry associations.

  五、会议主要议题/ Topics


TOPIC 1:Performance development of car body system and key component selection


??The development of car body technology at home and abroad


??The development of platform and lightweight design for car body


??Safety(C-IASI,C-NCAP)and NVH performance developmentof car body


??Forward Selecting Materials of car body


??Development case for multi-material body, all-aluminum body, and electric vehicle body platform


??Current status and trends of material application for body panels (fenders, doors, covers, back doors, etc.)


??Current status and trends of material application for structural safety parts (bumper beams, longitudinal beams, A/B columns, etc.)


TOPIC 2:Body system innovative materials application solutions


??Application technology of plastic for closures


??Application technology of LFT for car body structural parts


??Application of carbon fiber composites on the body


??Development of new steel sheet for car body (Zn-Al-Mg alloy -coated steel sheets, CSP steel sheets, ESP steel sheets, galvanized hot-formed steel)


??Ultra high strength cold formed steel application technology (QP steel, high forming DP steel, MS martensitic steel, third generation automotive steel)


??Ultra-high strength hot formed steel (warm-formed steel, 2000MPa hot-formed steel, galvanized hot-formed steel, etc.)


??Welding, Forming and Performance evaluation of Ultra High Strength Steel (simulation for stamping, springback, spot welding, delayed fracture and cold bending resistance evaluation techniques)


??Development and application technology for aluminum closures


??7000 aluminum forming and application technology (extruded profiles, HPF of aluminum sheets)


??Development and performance evaluation of high pressure cast aluminum body parts


??Application of high pressure cast magnesium alloy on body structural parts


??Application of structural adhesive on the car body


TOPIC 3:Body system new process solutions


??Hot stamping forming technology (hot formed door ring, TWB, TRB+HPF, soft distributed HPF, low cost HPF, warm compaction technology, and simulation technology of HPF)

??气体热成形技术(STAF,Steel Tube Air Forming)

??Gas thermoforming technology (STAF, Steel Tube Air Forming)


??Three-dimensional rolling forming for automotive metal parts (variable section rolling technology)


??Application of hydroforming technology on body structural parts


??LFT-D, GMT, WCM (wet molding) and other composite molding processes and their applications


??Dissimilar material joining process solutions


??Application of 3D printing technology in car body manufacturing


TOPIC 4: Exhibition of car body new materials, processes and technologies


Exhibition covers related materials, processes and components, as well as process equipment and engineering services technologies, from Topics 1 to 3. No more than 3 single products or technology companies, first come first served.





2019年4月10日之前付款 ◇2500/人;◇2300/人(3人及以上团队价格)

2019年5月10日之前付款 ◇2700/人;◇2500/人(3人及以上团队价格)




??Payment before April 10, 2019: 2500¥ / person; 2300¥ / person (3 or more, same company)

??Payment before May 10, 2019: 2700¥ / person; 2500¥ / person (3 or more, same company)

??After May 10, 2019: all in accordance with the 3200 yuan / person registration fee

Note: students in school to enjoy 1,000¥ discount. The fee including meals, excludes, and Expert authorized PPT, not include board and lodging, accommodation arrangements.

Display fee: 12,000¥ (including a booth of 1m long table, unified design and construction of the background board, two participants).

七、会议赞助及报名事宜/ Registration


We sincerely invite industry colleagues to participate in the sponsorship cooperation. We will provide: a variety of sponsorship services such as naming, report, conference advertisement, conference package, product exhibition.


2.联 系 人(Contact):张小姐

3.邮??? 箱(Email): [email?protected]